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   My name is Kenny Hughes and it is my privilege to pastor Lena Vista Baptist Church in Auburndale. I grew up in Auburndale. I graduated from Auburndale high school in 1969 and from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 1974. I was licensed to the ministry in 1970 and ordained in 1974, both at Berea Baptist Church in Auburndale.
   I was married to Dianne in 1970. We have two sons and three grandsons.
   I enjoy bass fishing, NHRA, Nascar, and classic cars and trucks.
   LVBC is a warm and loving church where the people are friendly and the Bible is preached. My Ministry philosophy is simple: I will love you with the truth. I hope you will come and visit us. I look foward to it.

Kenny Hughes

There will be many changes to the website in the not so distant future. Stay Tuned....

Brother Kenny Hughes, whose picture you can see above has started a Sunday night series on the second coming and the rapture of the church.You can find it here

We are looking for someone to teach the youth for Sunday School and for someone to work the nursery on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in voluntering please contact Bro Kenny, Linda in the church office, or Gina and Jeff.